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Our vision is to create a unique and unequaled nexus through which the experience of coming to Miami shopping becomes a celebration of everything that is possible in a virtual world, without frontiers, with people who understand what you are looking for , and they provide it with integrity, dedication, and knowledge. We are committed to being the only necessary link for all who come to visit and want to send purchases in advance to your physical address in Miami.


Fredy Merico


Fredy drives NEXO Miamiʼs strategic vision and manages the overall operations and resources of the company. Before NEXO Miami, Fredy was involved in several startups, including: Miami Sales Group, Closeouts & Overstock, and Falkon Technologies Inc.

An entrepreneur at heart, Fredy  has run several logistic and distribution companies, managed sales and production  team and has worked on projects for International markets for clients such local governments and large retailers. 

His skills combine both side of the desk experience – with an understanding of all  business requirements. 

Ana leads the daily operations at Nexo Miami, including product development and global sales. She also leads the vision and strategy of Nexo Miami ‘s data and data science team Her focus is on unlocking the potential of Nexo Miami and to drive value for our customers.

Ana Maria Merico


“I don’t know how, but I play the accordion and dance tango, all while reading a novel…”

Cheryl Merico

Chief Financial Officer

In her role as Chief Financial Officer, Cheryl overees the company’s global financial operations, including IT, Financial Planning and M&A Cheryl enjoys working with NEXO Miami team to drive growth and great work.

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”


William Barclay


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